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About Audrey

I am a professional Aquatic Biologist specializing in the recovery of charismatic species like salmon, sturgeon, and eels in the United States, British Columbia, and Europe. My profession and my passion for the natural world are united in the pursuit of improving the world for the species that were here before me and working to ensure that I do not see their extinction in my lifetime.

I am the producer and host of the Fieldwork Podcast, launching summer 2023, where I talk with professional scientists around the world about their experiences working in remote field locations from Antarctica to Alaska and from deep oceans to snow-covered peaks. Addressing topics ranging from climate change and endangered species conservation to small engine repair and how to pee on a glacier, the stories of what happens when science goes outside are full of adventure, inspiration, and very hard work. 

I am currently working on two book projects that catalog my experiences in far flung places doing research and finding purpose through adventure. 

Upstream: Finding Purpose in a Siberian Wilderness is a memoir about how spending 3 years in a research camp on the Siberian tundra and falling in love with my mother's worst helped me find peace with her death and purpose for my own life. 

For all the Salt in the Sea is a memoir about two sisters who evaluate their life choices as one lives through a harrowing ocean passage in a sailboat from Japan to Washington while the other stays home with her newborn son. 

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